One-Day @ Burro Canyon The "American Warriors Test" is the hardest, most comprehensive test of gun skills in the world today. The standard tests given by police, military or other shooting schools to supposedly grade gun skills have all the targets directly in front of the student. He may have to turn left or right to face the target, and the range and time varies, but that is all. The student stands upright and without any other movement engages the targets, which is only ?? percent of the time. This is extremely unrealistic. The "American Warriors Test" requires 360° engagements, close contact, intermediate contact, close contact rear, standard engagement, moving engagements assaulting through and retreating from opponents. The moving engagements require hits and distance covered under time constraints. Targets range from 0 to 50 yards, and all areas tested have both single and multiple opponents. Virtually all other tests can be done on an individual in about one hour, allowing the student to stay at his peak performance. The "American Warriors Test" is approximately 7 hours of continuous shooting, spinning to engage targets and moving. A test this long does not show your peak performance but your average--what you can actually call up on demand. There are 3 levels: American Warrior...93% American Operator...87% American Defender...75% Only 7 people have ever reached 93% and made the American Warrior level. Only 8 people have ever reached 87% and made the American Operator level. American Warriors Test DON'T JUST OWN A GUN  BE PROFICIENT WITH IT! American Defense Enterprises